Wednesday, December 10, 2008

--Tech/Music-- Songbird

Who doesn't love firefox? Every one does , right? Yes I do anyway. So what does it had to with songbird? or "what is it?".
It's a new "mozilla powered" "open source" "fully customizable" music player and manager. I just downloaded it from their site. I still have to explore it know what all it offers.
Its interface more or less is a combination of Winamp and iTunes. At least the default interface is so.
But it is "fully customizable" with so many "add-ons" available at their site. It means that you can have your own interface where you have full control , such as you can choose the layout of the display content, choose the theme what the songbird call as "feather" and even you can change those small displays that comes when the track changes.
Provides iPod device support and other similar devices.
It also has a good inbuilt browser which more or less works like an ordinary browser or may be better than IE. :-). You can bookmark and pages open as a "tabs".

What everyone would love is the "SHOUTcast" audio which features radio stations from around the world. Ah yes I found two Bollywood stations too. And it was not broadcasting the good old "golden age music". Way to go 'Desi's'.

It supports add-ons. You know what it means, if you have used firefox. Already it have some add-ons:
Lyric master: which shows the lyrics for the track you are listening to (WOW!).
Media Flow: displays the album cover picture like in iTunes and iPhone (its where it started).
integrated with: , mashTape and other websites.
and many more.

The only disadvantage so far is that it doesn't support video playback or podcast. The site says these features are on its way. And I hope it does come real soon.

PS: For video playback VLC rocks! & if the file is corrupted , no player can do it better than 'media player classic'.

NOTE: Initially I posted this in my personal blog. Sorry for the repetition if you have already read it. Thanx.

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