Wednesday, December 10, 2008


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The linux may not be very unfemiliar with many of us. But there are few still I beleive who wonders what is all the hype about this Linux. I can't blame them for there ignorance. Because if you happen to check any linux blog or any other blog dedicated to such 'geek-stuff' , its very probable that you'll never get any answers for questions like
  • what's a linux?
  • what has it got over windows (or Mac)?
  • what are distros? (ans., to this can be found easily, more often !)
  • what is KDE & Gnome ? (sounds like KGB and a name out of fantasy story!)
But ofcourse i'm not going to answer these question here either, atleast not in detail. That you check at my favorite site --> Linux @ Wikipedia.

These are just for the beginners, who heard the name yesterday.

Its an operating system (OS) just like windows vista, xp etc and Mac OS. Ah! I'll let you know some more names if you haven't heard them already,
  • Open solaris
  • BDS
  • AIX (Advanced Interactive eXecutive)
  • and more based on UNIX etc....
What makes it special:
It is Open Source. That means its free! And beside that it has got a very huge community of developers and fans alike. And its the only OS that can possibly replace Windows or Mac OS and runs better than either of them when it comes to processing speed and security. Also you'll never see more than one or two release of Windows in a year (extreme situation). Where as Linux brings in the least one release each month. And, well , like all open source its highly customizable. It's just like a clay and you , the user, have to make your own artifact out of it!

I have read it some where that distros are different 'flavors' of linux. Basically all are Linux. But they are developed and supported by different communities. Some are even for commercial purpose like the Red Hat and the Suse. Theire basic kernels remain free and open source like the Fedora and open suse.
Some distros are,
  • Fedora
  • Debian
  • Mandriva (Mandrake previously)
  • Ubuntu
  • open Suse
  • Gentoo
  • Backtrack
  • Slackware etc.,
Check out this site for latest in distros.

KDE (K desktop environment) & Gnome:
They are two among many desktop environment available for UNIX-like system (esp Linux).
KDE and Gnome again have very large community of followers and thus is at the front of all desktop environment, i guess. They are simply GUI ( graphical user interface ) for the respective linux distro. Any given distro can have both KDE and Gnome.

PS: My favorite linux are Fedora and Ubuntu with KDE environment. I'm not an advanced user nor I'm not a linux 'guru'. So forgive me, if any misinformation have crept into my linux intro. :-).

Ubuntu 8.10 Gnome desktop.


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  2. ubuntu with gfx drivers installed would yeild you awesome looks !! try it out

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