Thursday, December 18, 2008

--Linux/Installer-- Wubi for Ubuntu

What would you say if someone told you that you can install Ubuntu 8.10 on your windows(any)O.S. just like a windows program , and that it would act like a separate Ubuntu installation with dual boot ? If you haven't heard of 'Wubi' , you'd say 'Are you kidding?'. But no, you can use Wubi to install Ubuntu without effecting windows intallation and no need to touch the HDD partition at all. This Ubuntu OS will not be a virtual OS or live OS. It acts as complete, separate OS , as if you have installed on a separate HDD. It removes all the trouble associated with the installation of Ubuntu.
Using this you can install:
  • Ubuntu (Gnome DE)
  • Kubuntu (K DE )
  • Xubuntu (Xfce DE )
  • Mythbuntu ( MythTV DE )
Where, Ubuntu with Gnome is the official Desktop Environement (DE).
For people who prefer KDE look, Kubuntu is available ( I prefer KDE ).
Xubuntu uses Xfce DE , which a bit old one and is prefered for very slow systems and makes use of Gnome's appications.
Mythbuntu is an interface for MythTV. MythTV is a 'media centre' that is capable of advanced management of multimedia and TV programs if you have a set-up box or a TV tuner card. It converts your PC into digital multimedia home entertainment system, or Home Theater Personal Computer . It has an option to install other programs which are not related to digital entertainment.
System Requirement:
  • any Windows OS.
  • minimum 5GB HDD space.
Some known issues ( as given on wikipedia ):
  1. Hibernation is not supported.
  2. Wubi filesystem is more vulenarable to hard reboot (unplugging power or reboot by pressing down start button on laptops ) than normal file systems.
  3. Performance degradation in Ubuntu due to fragmentation of files. This can be alleviated by defragging the disk once in a while.
Steps to install Wubi:
  • download the installer from their site:
  • Its a small program. Choose minimum 8GB for the OS on the drop down list. Give your username and password. Choose the DE ( preferably Kubuntu/ Ubuntu ). Click next.
  • The real download starts now. It will download the Linux distro from the internet. It's around 700MB. ( I'm downloading it since 1 day now, the installer's download manager isn't very smart. Most of the time the speed shown ranges from 3-10kbps. Whereas my Orbit downloader can download at 25kbps average ).
  • (Rest of the part after I finish downloading....)
  • Caution ! I've read some blog that it will restart twice or so and you have to boot into Windows OS ( and not Ubuntu ) until the installation is completely over, else Ubuntu won't be installed properly!
Let me know your experience if you tried this. :-)


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  2. well wubi comes along with all ubuntu cd's which are shipped !! :D (NOTE:From 8.04 onwards )
    and it doesnt restart twice and all .. i instlled my copy of ubuntu with wubi only didnt experience anything like that
    and as for your download stuff ..i suggest you download the iso file first using torrent where you wont be deprived of speeds .. and once you have the iso file place in the same folder as wubi and then run it !!! Voila .. it will install properly without any problems =)

  3. .:edit : my bad ... erroneous typing !!
    what i meant was .. once you have the iso file, place it in the folder in which you have the wubi and then run !!it will work perfectly fine !!

  4. thanks for the info...esp the iso part....ur right about the restarting part ... it only restarts once and u can go directly to ubuntu. I used it , it was quiet good but I think nVidia graphics card(8400GS) is not supported or doesn't have the drivers , i think... any solution to this? anyone?

  5. see if this helps