Tuesday, December 16, 2008

--Tech/Web-- 'Kick' YouTube

I wonder if you ever dreamed of 'kick'ing any website? If you have, here's a golden opportunity for you. And for the rest of us, who are normal, there's a way to 'kick' youtube.com. Jokes apart, it's a way to download youtube videos without really using any secondary softwares (or add-on).
Here's the way:
  1. First visit Youtube.com
  2. Choose your video and go to its page.
  3. Now for the AcTiOn : insert 'kick' before the 'youtube.com/watch/blahBLahBlah....' part --> so that it becomes 'kickyoutube.com/watch/blahBLahbLah.....'
  4. Click ENTER.

PS: pls comment about the above video (i.e., if you couldn't overcome your curiosity and watched it).


  1. wow badar.. gud one.. how did ya find out tat?

  2. just wandering over the net brings me to lot of weird stuff....
    sometime too lazy put it over here :-)...

  3. thank you friend ,actually i was searching how can download youtube movie,it's really great

  4. @sharafudheen -- download real player (i think 11.0 or newer) it lets you download any online stream-able video !!